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Fourth edition, Version 4.13

Frédéric Hecht
Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions, Sorbonne University, Paris

The user manual is also available in PDF

The FreeFEM v3 PDF is archived (not up to date)

Official version (English)
Spanish version, by Eliseo Chacón Vera
Chinese version (中文)
Japanese version, by Kohji Ohtsuka


FreeFEM is a partial differential equation solver for non-linear multi-physics systems in 1D, 2D, 3D and 3D border domains (surface and curve).

Problems involving partial differential equations from several branches of physics, such as fluid-structure interactions, require interpolations of data on several meshes and their manipulation within one program. FreeFEM includes a fast interpolation algorithm and a language for the manipulation of data on multiple meshes.

FreeFEM is written in C++ and its language is a C++ idiom.

FreeFEM currently interfaces to the following libraries:


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