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Git & Github usage

FreeFEM sources are publicly available on

In order to contribute, you need to know how to use git (add, commit, push) and Github (Fork, Pull Requests).

The FreeFEM source code is organized in branches:

  • master. The master branch, represent the current stable version, used to build a new release

  • develop. The developement branch, where all modifications take place

    Should be almost always usable

  • features branches, where specific long-term developments take place

    Do not use one of this branch

Contribution timeline

  • Create a fork of the FreeFem-sources repository on your Github account

    Doc: Github Fork documentation

    Direct fork link: Fork link

  • Clone the fork (the FreeFem-sources repository on your account) on your computer.

    Change the branch to develop

    git checkout develop

  • Modify the code and use git commands to push your modifications to the fork, i.e.:

    git add somefile.cpp

    git commit -m"my modification"

    git push

    Please, provide commit descriptions correctly describe your modifications

  • Create a pull request on FreeFem/FreeFem-sources, describing your modifications

    Doc: Pull Request documentation


All code modifications, even in a pull request, must be done in the develop branch


Please make sure your code modification is well writen and formatted (you can use clang-format if necessary)

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