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File name \(M^{-1}_1\) \(M^{-1}_2\) inexact CS comments
diffusion-3d-minimal-direct.edp       direct solver MUMPS
diffusion-3d-minimal-ddm.edp RAS GenEO    
diffusion-3d-simple.edp RAS GenEO   comparison with direct solver
diffusion-2d-thirdlevelgeneo.edp RAS GenEO RAS + GenEO  
elasticity-3d-simple.edp RAS GenEO    
elasticity-3d-thirdlevelgeneo.edp RAS GenEO RAS + GenEO  
Helmholtz-2d-simple.edp ORAS Coarse Mesh / DtN   for the DtN coarse space see this paper
Helmholtz-2d-marmousi.edp ORAS Coarse Mesh    
Helmholtz-3d-simple.edp ORAS Coarse Mesh    
Helmholtz-3d-overthrust.edp ORAS      
Helmholtz-2d-HPDDM-BGMRES.edp ORAS     multi-rhs Block GMRES with HPDDM
Navier-2d-marmousi2.edp ORAS Coarse Mesh    
Maxwell-3d-simple.edp ORAS Coarse Mesh    
Maxwell_Cobracavity.edp ORAS Coarse Mesh ORAS  
natural_convection.edp ORAS Coarse Mesh   nonlinear
natural_convection_3D_obstacle.edp ORAS Coarse Mesh   nonlinear
Richards-2d.edp RAS     nonlinear time dependent mesh adaptation
heat-torus-3d-surf.edp RAS GenEO   3d surface time dependent
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